$10 Billion Investment Will Impact Texoma

4-21-06 - TXU executives were at the Grayson County Airport Friday talking about a $10 billion investment that could make a particularly strong impact in Texoma.

Thursday TXU unveiled a plan to provide stable, low-cost energy to consumers. And doing that will mean an overhaul for some of their existing plants, including one plant located in Savoy. The three parts to the plan are to invest in lover cost power supplies, save customers money, and improve air quality. It will mean construction at nine existing TXU power sites over the next three years.

The Valley Plant near Savoy is one of those proposed sites and that could mean great news for the already high area economy. It is estimated that over 800 onsite construction jobs will be available each year. The planned investment will create almost 40,000 jobs across the state of Texas.

The new plants expect to lower power costs by $1.7 billion a year. The proposed construction would add a coal-fueled energy generating facility onto the Savoy plant.