Charge Likely in Election Night Misconduct

4-24-06 - Sherman police are recommending charges be filed over an incident that involved county employees on election night in March. Their report to the District Attorney recommends one charge of furnishing alcoholic beverages to minors be filed against one employee.

This is the statement from the Sherman PD.

REF: Election Night Incident

As you are aware, an incident occurred on or about May 7th, 2006 that involved Grayson County employees who were believed to have consumed alcoholic beverages at an election site during the hours in which the election polls were open.

The Sherman Police Department Criminal Investigation Division has concluded its investigation and has determined that there stands enough probable cause to send this case to the Grayson County Attorney’s Office for prosecution of the offense of Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Minors.

During their investigation detectives interviewed individuals and collected emails that were circulated after the incident. These emails were circulated among individuals who may have been involved or had direct knowledge of the incident. Detectives have concluded that the elements of the crime were met based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

This case has been forwarded to the Grayson County Attorney’s Office today for prosecution. The Grayson County Attorney’s Office will make the final determination regarding the prosecution of those involved in this incident.

This investigation is considered to be still in progress as the Grayson County Attorney’s Office, after review, may require further investigation based on their analysis of the case. For that reason, no names or redacted versions of the report are releasable at this time.

Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Minors is a Class A Misdemeanor. If found guilty of this class of crime a person may be punished by confinement of up to one year in jail, a find not to exceed $4,000.00, or both.