New Plants Could Raise Water Bills

4-27-06 - People who use utilities in Ardmore will see an increase on their bill in the near future. Some of the changes could also include a big chance for an Ardmore landmark to keep up with the growing demand from customers and regulations from the EPA and Department of Environmental Quality and so the city of Ardmore has to make some changes to their customers’ bills.

Beginning July 1 customers will notice their water and sewer bills will be higher. The reason for the increase is for a number of changes being made to the waste treatment plant as well as the water plant in Ardmore.

To meet EPA and DEQ standards, the city has to make a $17 million expansion to their waster treat plant. Doing so will translate into a 26 percent increase in customers’ sewer bills; for those who live on the outside of town that will go up to 39 percent.

Also, to meet the water demands of people in the area, the water plant must undergo a $27 million expansion that will include building a new $2 million gallon water tower on the north side of town, which could mean the current tower that Ardmore residents have been so used to seeing every day may come down as a result.

Construction on the waste plant is expected to be complete by this summer.