Fishing Tournaments Aiding Economy

4-27-06 - As businesses along Lake Texoma continue to grow, marinas are reeling in some professional sporting events, which means more to local towns than just fun on the water.

Around 350 fishermen from a five-state region cast their lines into Lake Texoma for the FLW Outdoors Tournament Thursday, but the biggest catch could go to the local economy. The bass fishing competition that lasts through Sunday is one of nine tournaments scheduled at Highport Marina this year, which is up from the usual 2-3 tournaments hosted in years past.

While much of the time is spent on the water, local businesses are also reaping the benefits of the extra activity. Up to $2 million will be spent in local restaurants, hotels, and shops.

With six tournaments scheduled for the rest of the year, the Highport manager says 2006 will be their busiest year for business in at least a decade.