County Calls for Oil Co. Boycott

4-30-06 - BEEVILLE, Texas (AP) Some residents of Beeville, Texas, are doubting the wisdom of the county board's call for a boycott of oil giant Exxon Mobil.

Bee County's highest elected official says the boycott, which starts tomorrow, will continue until gas is down to one dollar-30 cents a gallon.

As Judge Jimmy Martinez puts it, "just because they have a license doesn't mean that they can rob."

Opponents note that oil and gas taxes fund much of Bee County's budget. And they say a boycott could end up harming mom-and-pop gas stations whose main profits are not from oil.

County Commissioner Susan Stasny, the only dissenter on the board, says even though everyone's concerned about the price of gasoline, "the oil and gas industry has been very kind to Bee County."

A Beeville Bee-Picayune poll showed 72 percent of those surveyed plan to participate in the boycott.