Courthouse Locked Down as Diversion

5-1-06 The Fannin County Courthouse was put on lockdown all morning as part of what authorities call a diversion.

Intelligence information indicated they needed to boost security, all because of a plea hearing for Bob Harold Leach. Leach escaped from the Grayson County jail in Oct. 2001. He was accused of raping and kidnapping a Fannin County woman.

Leach is considered a security risk, so officials used this diversion today to make it appear as though the 11:00 a.m. hearing would take place at the Fannin County courthouse. Instead, they had it in the jail.

The Fannin County Sheriff's Office, Bonham Police Department, Texas Rangers, DPS and the FBI worked to take every precaution in transporting him from the Coffield Correctional Unit to the Sheriff's Office.

He pleaded guilty to several charges, including kidnapping and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He faces a minimum of 13 life sentences.

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