Bryan Co. Jail Struggling With Bills

5-1-06 - The Bryan County Jail is struggling to make ends meet, but Monday some steps were taken to get the bills paid.

Bryan County officials say they do not spend money on anything unless it is absolutely necessary, but Monday the county excise board approved $90,000 to help get the jail through the rest of the year. Because the county has gone through multiple jail administrators, officials have had a hard time regulating how money is spent.

The county clerk says the jail ran out of money at the end of February and has been relying on the general fun, and housing DOC prisoners to make ends meet since that time. The clerk says the county needs this additional dip into the fund to make it until July when the next fiscal year begins.

The money comes from part of the general fund that is normally reserved for emergencies and will be allocated to take care of basic costs like utilities and phones. The money not spent will roll over into next year’s budget.