Hwy. 70 Expansion Project Invading Businesses

5-01-06 - The expansion project of Highway 70 in Marshall County is already causing problems for some people who will be affected and construction has yet to begin.

For 31 years Gary Minor has owned and operated Minor Printing along Highway 70 in Oakland, but in the coming months he is going to have to figure out a way to save his business and his only source of income.

Part of the Highway 70 expansion project will directly affect Gary’s business because the new road will literally run next to his door. And at the end of March, he, as well as other residents and business owners along the highway, received a letter from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation offering money for control of their property. For the building, the property, and the small barbeque stand he owns, ODOT is offering Minor $21,000.

So his options are to take the money and leave or the building will be condemned and he will have to leave anyway without a dime. And the money being offered is barely enough to get his business moved and back up and running.

According to the notice, Minor has 90 days to make a decision on taking the offer.