Hysterectomy Alternative

Cutting edge technology is providing an alternative to an old age remedy. For years, women have turned to the traditional hysterectomy in order to eliminate painful periods. With a new ninety second procedure, you could avoid ever going under the knife.

Painful menstrual cycles affect the lives of over 10 million women. Now there is a new FDA approved treatment option, one that many women are turning to for relief.

Texoma Medical Center's Doctor Chambers is one of the many who endorse 'Novasure' as a safe and effective alternative to the hysterectomy. In a 90 second outpatient procedure, doctors use a safe radio frequency energy to remove the lining of the uterus, reducing and in many cases eliminating any future menstrual bleeding.

This method does not guarantee you won’t get pregnant, but doctors say women should be finished child bearing before undergoing this procedure. The price of Novasure is around $2,000 cheaper than a hysterectomy.