Internet Effort Fights High Gas Prices

The following is a media release from Don't Drive on

Launching it's worldwide media campaign today, seeks to create a nationwide protest of spiraling gasoline prices, by encouraging drivers to park their cars on
Sunday and stay home.

In a series of four National Rally Dates, Don't Drive On Sunday dot com,
seeks to put millions of cars in park starting on May 21st. The campaign
continues every other Sunday with dates on June 4th, June 18th (which is Father's Day this year), and July 2nd - right in the middle of an extended Fourth of July weekend.

"Don't Drive On Sunday was created so that anybody and everybody can protest rising gas prices by simply parking their cars." Says Patrick
Rule, webmaster for the project. "The site isn't asking people to vote, or
write to Congress. We just want people to stay at home and Don't Drive On Sunday."

The web site is calling for one million cars parked on the May 21st rally
date, building to ten million cars by the June 18th date. Addressing the
issue of "parking it" on Father's day, the site boldly states, "Your
Father would approve of saving money… so Don't Drive On Sunday."

Based on the Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation
Statistics web site, "U.S. daily travel averages 11 billion miles a day -
almost 40 miles per person per day". Assuming the average driver consumes about two gallons of gasoline or more travelling on Sunday, taking one million cars off the road would save at least two million gallons of gas.

"Imagine Ten Million Cars staying home, just one Sunday, saving Twenty Million Gallons of gas. At $3.25 per gallon, this would take more than $65,000,000.00 retail dollars out of the Oil Economy…" Don't Drive On Sunday dot com confidently proclaims. "…But it only takes One Car One Person… YOU! And You really don't have to do anything… Just Don't Drive On Sunday!"

The web site features a support page, where people can print ready made flyers to distribute, featuring a simple logo: the familiar Red Circle and Slash with an SUV in the background and the words DON'T DRIVE ON SUNDAY in big bold type. The message is simple: "Fight Greedy Oil Companies… Don't Drive On Sunday".

"We are paying for Greed and Corruption with every mile we drive, but
nobody is doing anything about it. Where is the outrage?" Says Rule, "We should be protesting in the streets. Instead, this web site offers the chance for you to protest and be heard by simply staying home."

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