Gas Station Owner Not Buying Gas

05-03-06 - High prices at the pump have not only outraged consumers but business owners as well, and one gas station owner has decided to do something about it.

The J & E Mart in Lone Grove has been out of gas for the past two weeks, but it is not from a production stoppage that is keeping them out of gas, it is the owner Rosalyn Padilla who just does not want to buy it. Gas prices have soared so high that she refuses to purchase gas to refill the tanks.

And because Padilla owns her gas pumps instead of having them leased like most gas stations, she has to pay for the gas up front and is subject to losing more money when prices fluctuate. And as high as gas is now, losing money after purchasing fuel from a distributor is a certainty.

So for the time being, the pumps are taped off and Rosalyn says the only people who come in now are the regulars who stop in for a snack and drinks. She says with no gas sales over the past two weeks, her business may have to close its doors.