Long Hair Keeps Boy Out of School

05-03-06 - One mother is going to great lengths to get to her son into class at Whitesboro, but the school says it is not going to happen until he cuts his hair.

When the Corbitt Family moved to Whitesboro from Oklahoma this past week they never imagined it would be so difficult to their son enrolled in fourth grade, especially since he has always been such a good student.

Nine-year-old Jonathan Hall has never cut the back of his foot and a half-long braid and from the front it is hard to tell how long his hair really is. But Whitesboro ISD is telling Jonathan’s family their school policy does not allow students to have hair tails unless the length is necessary for religious or ethnic reasons.

His mother, Melanie Corbitt, says her son is of Native American descent and will be getting the paperwork into the district soon.

School officials say Jonathon can come to school, but will be placed in suspension until he complies with the dress code.