Bonham Librarian Asks Police Help on Overdue Books

05-04-06 - One librarian in Texas is so fed up with overdue books, she wants the violators arrested.

Bonham police chief Mike Bankston says if Barbara McCutcheon says books aren't returned, then officers will make reports and begin to seek arrest warrants. Police will start arresting people after May 15th. McCutcheon says nearly 300 items -- including books, tapes, C-D's and videocassettes -- checked out in 2005 haven't been returned to the city library.

She hasn't yet compiled the number of items overdue this year. McCutcheon told the Sherman/Denison Herald Democrat, quote: "I want my books back and I want them now." Those who don't return overdue items could be charged with misdemeanors. Bonham is a city of about 10,000 and is located 70 miles northeast of Dallas.