Ardmore Tax Proposal Would Save Residents Money

05-05-06 - First News told you last week about plans to raise Ardmore Utility prices and now the plan may not be as severe, but money could go to the city in other ways.

The city of Ardmore was talking about increases of 10 percent for water, and 26 percent for sewer with those rates making steady increases over the years, but there may be a way around it now. The city needs to pay for projects to improve both the water and wastewater treatment plants.

Now city leaders are considering a sales tax and the money raised from it would help fund the projects and overall would cost the residents less money. But the catch is that this proposal would only affect future rate increases. There will still be a rate increase this summer, but this would eliminate other increases. The proposal is calling for a $0.25, which the city says will raise around $2 million a year for the projects.

They are hoping to get the proposal ready in time for elections in July. The sales tax being proposed by the city would only affect those living in Ardmore; the rest of the county would be excluded.