Concern Over Sidewalks in DISD

05-05-06 - As local students count down the days until school breaks for the summer, Denison City officials are addressing the lack of sidewalks for students who travel on foot.

Sidewalks throughout Denison provide a safer path for kids on their way home from school, but one city leader says you only have to turn the corner and that comfort zone ends.

Councilman Bill Malvern says the neighborhoods around Terrell Elementary, Mayes Elementary, and B. McDaniel Middle School need sidewalks. Parents and administrators agree that it is a concern, but school officials say it will take cooperation with the city to get more sidewalks built off campus property, and money is tight. Last year, Councilman Malvern pushed for state funding that would provide $130,000 for the project but did not receive the money.

Now supporters have turned their eye to new federal funding, available this spring. City officials have not put a timetable on the plans, but are asking for state representatives’ support so the funding can be approved as soon as possible.

If the city can get the federal grant, city leaders say paving more sidewalks will not cost the taxpayers or schools anything.