Authorities Investigate History of Gun used in Murder

5-7-06 - ADA, Okla. (AP) - Pontotoc County Undersheriff Joe Glover says the ease with which handguns can be bought and sold by private citizens is making the investigation into the history of a gun used in a recent killing more difficult.

Glover is trying to determine who sold the gun to Jerry Don Savage, who used the gun to kill 16-year-old Caitlin Wooten last September 23rd before turning it on himself.

Because he was under a protective order, it would have been a federal crime for Savage to have a gun. But Glover says that because only gun dealers -- and not private citizens -- are legally required to document gun sales, firearms routinely end up in than hands of criminals.

Glover says the 9 millimeter gun used to kill Caitlin Wooten is popular because it's cheap. He says you can buy a similar gun for between 130 to 160 dollars.