Supermarket Savvy

The average household spends nearly 11 percent of their income on food alone. Bet you never did the math like that. But did you know you could save so much of that simply with better planning?

A USDA study shows that few consumers have money-saving shopping skills. In fact, Americans spend over $3,000 a person per year on groceries.

But the Texas Cooperative Extension has some shopping strategies that can stretch your food dollars.

The first: an empty stomach equals an empty wallet.

Make your list and check it twice to avoid impulse buying.

And watch for quantity over convenience.

Pay attention to coupons. Some will cost you more than they save.

Buying into advertising is a common mistake among even the thriftiest of shoppers.

Take your average grocery list, and fill up your cart, one basket with name brands the other with store brands. And see how they add up.

Check your grocery stores advertisements. In some cases we found their discounts were a better deal than even the generic items.

If you have any questions, it's best to contact your local grocery store or Grayson County Extension Agency.