Texoma Tales - Hamburger Highway

Meet a guy who's commanded a unique audience on the information superhighway.

When Butch Bridges first created his Oklahoma History Web site, it took trial and error.

It's a virtual place where all kinds of stories are told, from “The Whistling Man From Lindsay Texas,” to veterans tombstones in desperate need of repair. There's not much Butch Bridges hasn't covered on his site, including the all-American food, the hamburger.

A regular hamburger can mean something different at every stop Butch makes, and there have been a few over the years. At every stop, Butch takes out his trusty camera and snaps pictures of the meal, which seems strange to other customers.

With all the burgers and all the stops, he's become quite the expert. The Hamburger Highway page and the entire site have generated between 350 and 500 thousand hits every month. Not bad for the small endeavor that Butch created out of a love for history. The burger section is certainly one of the more popular sections.

Even though it’s just a hobby, Butch hopes his site will help the stories live on and on.

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