Skin Deep - Lush Lashes

If you’re like most, you want that celebrity look. And eyelash extensions are the latest beauty shop secret to do just that.

In a ninety minute procedure, synthetic lashes are applied to each individual lash. Depending on the thickness you want, up to 30 synthetic eyelashes are bonded to your natural lash with a special, eye-friendly adhesive.

The lush lashes look real, and in some cases they are. Or you can go for a pair of Hollywood specs; everything from mink to diamond, even the outrageous.

The life cycle of your real eyelash is between one and three months. So it's estimated these lash extensions last up to two months.

Touch-up services are recommended because the lashes are attached to your real lashes. Being beautiful comes with a price, but its cheaper here than in Hollywood.

The treatment is around $600, but in Texoma you'll pay $225 with touch ups at $65.

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