Caddo Nursing Home Closing Its Doors

05-11-06 - A Bryan County nursing home shocked residents and their family members this week with news they were closing their doors. Now those that called it home have to find another place to live out their days.

Thirty-four people call it their home, including one who was there when it opened back in the 1960s. Now financial issues are forcing the closure of the Caddo Nursing Home. But while they may be losing the place they live, the people who took care of them are not about to stop. They all found out Wednesday they would soon be without; residents without their home and workers without their pay. And by law they have 90 days to find someplace new.

Workers designed signs pleading to keep the nursing home open. The city and the county own the home, but past financial issues under a previous administration have made it impossible to keep operating. But since learning they would be out of jobs, the staff has continued to work by helping residents more and they are gathering donations after vendors quit delivering. And doing it all for no pay at all.

While there has been a lot of speculation on the reasons why the nursing home is shutting down, the administration says "past financial issues" have made it impossible for the nursing home to operate and that their top priority is the residents, and their safe transfer to other locations.

For those that would like to help, the Caddo Nursing Home is accepting cash and food donations. They also say moving boxes would be appreciated.