Fire Under Control at Oil Refinery

05-12-06 - Officials at the Wynnewood refinery say all the employees have been accounted for after an explosion and fire.

Flames could be seen for miles from the Wynnewood Refining
Company after the fire began about 2:30 PM. Firefighters kept the area around the fire cool so that it wouldn't spread.

Plant spokesman Mike Hancock says there were no casualties as a
result of the explosion and fire. Hancock says a firefighter at the
plant suffered heat exhaustion and was taken to an area hospital as
a precaution.

Officials are still searching for the cause of the fire.

Truck driver Jeff Benham of Odessa, Texas, says he was loading
supplies on to his rig at the refinery when the explosion occurred.
Benham says he grabbed his 11-year-old daughter out of the truck
and left.

The refinery processes about 54-thousand barrels of crude oil
per day. It employs about 200 people.