Veterans Service Organization Closing

05-12-06 - Thousands rely on their help, but now a long time non-profit organization serving disabled veterans in Texas and Oklahoma is shutting down.

After 18 years at the Bonham VA Hospital, Friday the doors closed at the Disabled American Veterans, and that means veterans who rely on their services will have to go someplace else. DAV Service Officer Stan Harley received the message three weeks ago, that there is not enough funding for the state DAV to maintain all of its outposts.

Friday was the last day on the job for Harley, who works with 24 counties helping veterans injured before and after service file medical claims, including many who are patients at the VA hospital. DAV clients say without the DAV acting, as liaison between the government medical services and themselves, many would not be able to get the treatment they need.

Clients can go to the Fannin County Veterans Service Officer at the hospital, but they are only open two days a week and the next closets DAV office is in Dallas. The closing of the office does not mean a change in services provided by the Bonham VA Hospital.