Dead Animal Carcasses Found in Field

05-12-06 - A shocking discovery in a field between Howe and Tom Bean has several people wanting to know who is responsible for hundreds of dead animals.

It is a sight that almost has to be seen to be believed. And that is why several Tom Bean residents came out and got a look for themselves Friday at a pile of dead horses and cow carcasses just lying in a field. It is a discovery that is also turning into somewhat of a mystery.

Hundreds of dead horses, cows, and llamas have been piled on top of each other in a field on Haun Road near Tom Bean. Friday, word had spread to Tom Bean High School and students spent the day driving up and down Haun Road taking a look for themselves.

The buzz began a few days ago when Tom Bean students stumbled upon the carcasses and since then, word has spread through the town, except for how long the animals have been there and where they came from.

A First News photographer took a ride in a chopper Friday to shoot the field of animals and spotted two different piles of dead animals, and another of large bones.

Grayson County Deputies were on the scene earlier in the week, and the case has been handed to their environmental officer. Satuday, he told First News the land owner has a license to dispose of dead livestock, but the owner admitted he'd fallen behind in the burial of the animals.

The Grayson County enviornmental officer says state inspectors are expected to check the site next week to determine if any laws were violated.