Illegal Dumpsite Targeted in Fannin County

5-12-06 - The Fannin County Sheriff is preparing felony charges for illegal dumping against the owner of a business in Telephone, Texas. Investigators say harmful chemicals and building materials are being dumped into a tributary of the Red River.

State environmental investigators fined Sundance Enterprises for burning waste on private property back in 2002, after neighbors complained of the smoke and smell. But investigators have since found more serious violations. Fannin County investigator Wayne Walker says he’s seen large chunks of concrete, re-bar, reinforcement wire, and old paint cans dumped and burned on the property where the owner of Sundance lives.

"This person has a commercial operation where he provides roll-off dumpsters to people that are demolishing homes, building homes, and stuff like that," said Walker.

The large pile of debris backs up to a Red River tributary near Elwood in northern Fannin County. Investigators say the materials were being burned and then pushed over a cliff into the river bed.

First News was unable to contact the owner of Sundance Enterprises today but his father tells us they're in the process of cleaning up the land.

Walker says the county will file two separate felony charges with the DA next week: illegal dumping and dumping in a waterway.