Volunteers, Residents Team Up in Wake of Tornados

5-13-06 – Four days after deadly tornados tore through parts of rural Grayson and Collin Counties, families are rolling up their sleeves to clean-up debris left on their land.

In southeast Grayson County, volunteers from the Ector Baptist Church returned for a fourth day in a row to help Cecil Kyle clean up ten acres of his land. Kyle’s home was destroyed and most of the trees were flatted on his property after a tornado hit near Pilot Grove Tuesday night. Kyle was not hurt; he escaped his home minutes before it was destroyed.

According to the Grayson County Judge, Kyle is not alone. Tim McGraw says nearly 50 homes in the southeast part of Grayson County were damaged in some way and many of those homeowners do not have insurance.

Emergency response crews are still working on cleaning up debris on local roads. Crews will be back on the job Monday, says Judge McGraw.

Saturday, the Texoma-area chapter of the American Red Cross teamed up with the Dallas-area chapter to provide food and water for residents and volunteers cleaning up the debris.