Texoma Tales: "Model Man of Whitesboro"

Most of the time, there are two places you're sure to find Don Arnold: the domino parlor and a small shed in his backyard.

Known as Hoot to his friends, Don Arnold started tinkering with wooden models after retirement. He started with a dollhouse.

He also made a small version of big trucks for the boys. And he does it mostly by memory. He's never been in a modern day big rig cab. But you wouldn't know it by the detailed effort hoot puts in every project.

In addition to the trucks, he's recreated some of Whitesboro’s historic landmarks.

It takes anywhere from 50 to 60 hours to build an 18-wheel model. And the churches and depots? That's 300 to 400 hours of work, and it's all for pleasure.

Selling his handiwork is rare, and when he does make a sale, the money goes to his granddaughter’s college fund.

So don't come looking for Hoot Arnold with your wallet in hand. He only does it because he wants to.

If you want to buy one of Mr. Arnold’s trucks, you can usually find one on display every year at the annual Saint Jude's Charity Auction in Whitesboro.

You might get him to make you something if you can find a picture of the old Catholic church from there. He built a replica purely by memory. He asked us to put to word out for any pictures of the landmark that's been long gone.