Increased Security at Bryan County Jail

05-24-06 - The Bryan County Jail Trust Authority will stay in tact for now, but will be using deputies to help increase security. The move comes after two inmates escaped last week, the 11th escape in the last 14 months.

The Trust Authority met Wednesday morning for a special meeting. Judge Mark Campbell and District Attorney Emily Redman were in attendance, voicing concerns about security. They were two of dozens of people who packed the commissioners' courtroom at 10:00 a.m. The meeting lasted one hour, and in the end, the Authority board didn't make any major decisions.

The sheriff's office will now take a more active role in security at the main and auxiliary jails. That means deputies will make the rounds inside the jail at night to make sure the inmates are locked down.

For now, the sheriff will not take over operations. That option was discussed, but the sheriff says he does not want to take over until he has sufficient funds to run the jail.

In some ways, the Jail Trust Authority is right back where it started. They're still considering tax increases to raise operating funds for the jail, which would be up to a public vote. But no solid decision has been made on what kind of tax or when to propose it.