Grayson County Town Could Go Wet

05-31-06 - Another Grayson County town may soon go wet. A group in Howe is working on a petition supporting beer and wine sales in the city.

Recently, voters in Sherman and Van Alstyne approved some alcohol sales, and now some in Howe are hoping voters will do the same. The group has already gathered enough signatures to approve an application for a petition. The application was certified last week, and now they will have to gather 178 signatures; that is 35 percent of the registered voters that voted in the last gubernatorial election. The petition calls for the legalization of beer and wine sales for off-premises consumption only.

So far, opinions are mixed on the subject. The group spearheading the petition drive says they are doing it to increase tax revenues in the city. The group has 60 days to circulate the petition, depending on when they get those signatures turned in, the election could be held in either September or November.