County Road Speeding a Concern

06-01-06 - Officials say an attempt to increase safety on the roads is not working in some parts of Grayson County, where speed limits are lower but cars are passing though as fast as ever.

While the signs are posted, law enforcement is harder to locate and Grayson County officials say there is not enough manpower to patrol hi-traffic rural roads and efforts to lower the speed limits are actually leading to more complaints.

This past year commissioners in precincts one, two, and three lowered speed limits on county roads from 60 down to a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour. But these areas outside city limits see only minimal traffic enforcement, and without that presence, officials say drivers continue to speed at sometimes over thirty miles about the posted limit.

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Office does what it can to help, but putting more deputies on the road all comes down to money the county does not have. The upcoming budget for next year could see some changes on that front. Officers from precinct three are hoping that adding a deputy constable and reserve officer will help with traffic enforcement.