Loy Lake Rd. Construction Coming Soon

06-02-06 - Like many well-traveled roads in Sherman, the drive on Loy Lake Road can be bumpy, but it is the damaged below the surface that has city officials hurrying to make improvements.

After decades of wear and tear, the layers of rocky roadway are costing the city more to repair than replace. City engineers say many roads are a danger to drivers and that repairs are long over due, but replacing even small stretches of asphalt with concrete will cost more than $1 million.

By setting aside excess funds from last year’s budge and allocating money for the upcoming fiscal year, city officials say the time is right to begin replacing miles of roads across town. Construction should begin on this first job on Loy Lake Road, between Taylor Street and Lamberth Road sometime this summer and when it does it could mean a slight inconvenience for drivers on their daily commute.

City council members say some portions of Loy Lake Road will be closed during the construction, but that the repairs are far worth any inconvenience with roads that should last around 50-100 years.