Volunteers Train for Lake Rescues

6-3-06 – The busy boating season is getting underway, but there has already been one drowning in Lake Texoma. Lake authorities are now training more eyes to help watch the water. U.S. Auxiliary Coast Guard training was held on Lake Texoma. Training began Saturday morning at the High Port Marina and then traveled to the Catfish Bay area.

U.S. Coast Guard members made the trip from Galveston to train nearly 100 people in search and rescue scenarios. In one scenario: a train derailed on a bridge over the lake and there were numerous victims in the water. Volunteers had to rescue victims, represented by red buoys in the water.

Volunteers also practiced first aid techniques under the supervision of the Preston Volunteer Fire Department.

Unlike the Coast Guard, Auxiliary Coast Guard volunteers are not authorized to enforce the law or issue citations. Volunteers must undergo certification and training.

For more information about becoming an Auxiliary Coast Guard member, contact the Lake Texoma Division 10 Captain at 817-277-0206.