Pipe Bomb Found in Carter County

06-07-06 - A pipe bomb that was discovered off Highway 70 in Carter County and when bomb experts set it off, they realized it packed a powerful punch.

Around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, a driver passing by the area spotted the 14 inch long PVC pipe near Keller Road. When deputies arrived on scene they contacted the OHP Bomb Squad how determined it was pipe bomb. Officials shut down Highway 70 and moved the device into some nearby trees to set it off. Inside the pipe was a smokeless powder you can find in a sporting goods store, which is equal to a stick of dynamite.

Bomb experts say the heat and friction of the day could have set it off and done major damage to a car passing by. Authorities will take the evidence to the OSBI to determine who might have planted the bomb on off of Keller Road. In Oklahoma, it is a felony to make a pipe bomb.