Hurricane Preparations Start in Texoma

06-07-06 - As many found out last year, a storm hundreds of miles away can take its toll here closer to home. It is why local emergency management is already making arrangements for this coming hurricane season.

A census released this week showed the state of Texas its population balloon by over a 100,000 people who fled the coast area after the storms, with many of the m ending up here in Texoma. But it was a learning experience that emergency management in the area hopes to use this year to help not only new residents, but also old ones.

Last year there were seven shelters in the tri-county, this year the shelters should be back with some things being the same and some different. While aiding as much as possible will be the goal, the amount of people who see help will ultimately depend on the amount of adequate facilities available, and more importantly, the volunteers. Volunteers who not only take the stress of the evacuees, but natives of the area as well.

An area that sits directly north of the metroplex is always making for a safe haven no matter the reason for running. Emergency management as well as help organizations from Cooke, Grayson, and Fannin counties will all get together this week to discuss this area's resources and how much they will be able to offer in emergency situations. They then will pass that on to state officials in a meeting next week.