2 year-old that nearly drowned is "doing better"

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DENISON, TEXAS -- An update to a story we brought you a few weeks ago.

The 2 year-old boy who nearly drowned in his backyard pool in Denison is "doing better," according to his mom.

Landon Owen has been in ICU since he slipped into the family's pool and nearly drowned.

Landon's mom Sarah Jennings says that he was blue in the face and not breathing when respondents arrived at the scene.

He's undergone various procedures and is still being monitored at Children's in Dallas.

"Something like this happens in a number of minutes. I don't think that any small children should be allowed to get too comfortable with the water," Jennings said.

For more on Landon's progress, visit his Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/prayersforlandoman. To donate to the family, go to any Landmark Bank location.

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