Gardening Texoma: Sprinkler Systems for Hot Texoma Gardens:

The temperatures are rising, the chance of rain is dwindling. This morning Jonathon and Lisanne head out to the garden to talk about the best way to keep your backyard retreat wet and still conserve water so your water bill doesn't rise with the temperatures.

Gardening Tips of the Week:
Sprinkler System Inspections

Keep your sprinkler system running smoothly by performing regular inspections. Every six months is recommended. Don't assume everything is "okay."

1. Run the system station by station to watch for problems. Have flags or sticks on hand to mark trouble spots
2. When the system is running, watch for low water pressure which can indicate a leak. There should be equal pressure throughout the system.
3. Observe patterns of spray. As pop-up spray heads age, they sometimes rotate and the pattern changes. Readjust direction by turning the neck of the spray heads.
4. Inspect backflow device yearly. In some areas, Sherman included, this is a requirement and should not be overlooked.
5. Power outages can sometimes cause the controller to quit and the memory to be erased. If this occurs, consult the owner's manual to reprogram.

Remember, water is a scarce commodity and should not be wasted. Sprinkler leaks, spray heads turned the wrong direction, and other system problems will cause waste. It is up to the end user to ethically use resources and to play the role of conservationist.
-Jonathon Castro
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