New Jobs Heading to Durant

06-08-06 - New jobs and more industry are on the way to Durant, where a Canadian manufacturing plant is setting down roots and filling a large vacancy in the workforce.

Hundreds of Bryan County laborers lost their jobs when Cornerstone Products closed their Arkansas Street facilities last November. But within the next month, those look for work will have an opportunity to return to the same facility, working with Eagle Suspensions.

The Lewisville based “Dallas Spring Corporation” is moving it manufacturing plant from Blenheim, Canada to Durant and officials say it is because of the similar small-town industrial environment. The company produces and ships 2% of the steel suspension springs for automobiles in the United States. 70 jobs will be created when production starts this fall; with that number growing up to 180 jobs within the next few years.

Eagle Suspensions employees will be trained at the Kiamichi Tech Center and Sherman based Plyer Construction.

For application information, contact Workforce Oklahoma, at (580) 924-1828.