Two Arrested in Sulphur Drive-by Shooting

06-08-06 - Two men are behind bars after a chain of events in Murray County that began with a drive-by shooting in one town and ended up in a burglary 15 miles down the road. It all began at the Sulphur Terrace Apartments off 14th Street.

When the night was over, bullet holes remained showing a scary time for a mom and her 2-year old son. Police say around midnight Wednesday morning, two men and two women came to her apartment looking for a man, threatening to shoot. The man was not home, but his 21-year old ex girlfriend, her mom, and 2-year old son were. The male suspects held a gun to the two women’s head told them they would kill them if they called police.

The younger woman got away and ran next door to call for help. Then, police say the suspects gave up and took off, firing a round of shots before they left. Sulphur Police chased their car through town twice, but they managed to get away. They next went to Dougherty, where deputies say they hit the Aker’s In & Out. The suspects got away with beer and cigarettes, but left a key piece of evidence behind; a .22 pistol.

Now, 20-year old Dustin Ray Coulter and 18-year old Chuck Adam Compton of Stradford are in the Murray County Jail facing charges. Police say the investigation is ongoing; they expect more arrests to be made.