Officials Looking at New Security Plan

06-09-06 - To prevent the risk of violence before it happens, plans are underway for increased security at the Grayson County Justice Center.

Grayson County officials are talking about implementing Phase Two of a security plan that began last year with more than $75,000 to monitor who and what goes in and out of the building. Last year, extra security cameras were positioned and electronic locks were placed at key locations at the Grayson County Courthouse and Justice Center. County officials say the next step could mean adding security checkpoints at the main entrances for the Justice Center.

Putting metal detectors and x-ray machines in place to check each person who enters and exits, keeping weapons out of the building, especially during high-profile trials. The security plans also suggest the hiring of three armed guards to watch over the checkpoints. All the money would come from the county budget’s courthouse security fund.

Before any steps can be taken to purchase the additional security, county commissioners will vote on whether or not to support the plan in Monday’s meeting.