Two Students Face Charge in Dog Killing

6-12-06 - The Grayson County District Attorney's Office will charge two Sherman High School students for killing a dog on the SISD campus last month. Both boys, ages 16, will face juvenile charges of delinquent conduct.

The boys didn't tell school officials about the killing until the next day, when other students and parents complained. They'd claimed self-defense - that the pit bull mixed breed dog was threatening livestock and the students. A witness claims the boys tied the dog to a tree or fence and then stabbed it to death.

KXII will have a full report on First News at 5.

The following is a statement from the DA:

The Grayson County District Attorney's Office today filed Petitions
Alleging Delinquent Conduct against two 16 year old male Sherman High School students. The petition alleges the students committed delinquent conduct by committing the offense of Cruelty to Animals in the killing of a dog at the Sherman High School Ag Barn on May 3, 2006. The students originally told Sherman Police that the killing of the dog was in defense of livestock at the ag barn. After additional investigation, police determined that the killing was not justified. As the students are juveniles, their identity and the disposition of the charges against them are confidential by law.

Charges against juveniles are handled under the civil Family Code in
Texas, and the punishment range for this offense is from probation to placement in a Texas Youth Commission detention center for up to 2 years.