Water Emergency Declared in Colbert

6-13-06 - The city of Colbert is asking its citizens to conserve water after their water levels have dropped drastically in the last few days. Tanker trucks carrying H2O were brought in overnight as residents were asked to only use water for basic necessities.

At one point, the city was concerned that they would have to evacuate the Southern Pointe Living Center, which is a local nursing home. But nursing home officials told us they would not be evacuated.

Right now, everyone who uses Colbert City Water is urged to conserve, with only emergency usage. Anyone caught watering their lawns or filling up pools will get a ticket.

The situation became dire Monday night after water levels in the tower fell to 33 feet - That's well below where it should be at 90 feet. If the levels drop to 28 feet, the water would have to be shut off.

A spokesman with Department of Environmental Quality says they sent their own staff to find out if there's a mechanical or maintanance problem. Sso far, that doesn't appear to be the case. The DEQ says Colbert's underground auquifer is drying up but they are working with an engineer to determine what can be done about the problem