Abuse Allegations at Local School

Sulphur police are investigating a molestation incident at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

Officers say a six-year-old boy was sexually abused by his own classmates. Now one student is expelled and the district attorney could get involved.

It happened on May 8 in a campus dorm bathroom. About five o'clock that evening a dorm supervisor at Blattner Hall walked in to the bathroom and saw a group of five boys, ages seven to 10, holding down a six-year-old.

Police say the supervisor witnessed a lewd act on the child performed by a 10-year-old. That student was sent home and police began a criminal investigation.

David Pearo, Sulphur Police Chief, said, "It could be anywhere from sexual experimentation amongst kids, like kids do, or this child could have a serious problem. At this point we're not at that position to say."

Sulphur police are wrapping up their investigation and plan to turn it over to a juvenile officer and the district attorney soon.

School officials are not taking the case lightly. They say they're waiting on police to finish their examinations before taking further action.