Gore Trial - Investigator Testifies

ADA, Okla. (AP) - An investigator says suspected killer Glen Gore admitted in 1999 he had sex with the woman he's accused of killing, but denied having sex with her the night she was raped and killed.

Wes Edens testified today in the first-degree murder trial of
Gore who's charged in the December 1982 rape and strangulation of
Deborah Sue Carter.

Edens' testimony comes a day after expert testimony that hairs
and semen taken from Carter's body came from Gore.

Edens says Gore said he and Carter had sex within the last two to three months before her death but was adamant in denying they had sex the night of her death.

The trial is Gore's second on charges he raped and killed Carter after his first conviction and death sentence was overturned. The state Court of Criminal Appeals ordered the new trial because Gore wasn't allowed to present evidence that someone else killed Carter.