Dangerous Intersection Questioned in Sherman

6/19/06 - Sherman neighbors have had enough of what they call a dangerous intersection in Sherman after an accident sent a car crashing into a house.

Police say the silver Honda Accord was headed south on Grand Avenue when the driver failed to yield to traffic going east on Lamar Street. The Honda crashed through a fence, and the other car hit the corner of a house in the 1400 block of East Lamar.

But it's not the first time a car has ended up on residential property in the area, and now neighbors fear that unless something changes to make the intersection safer, it won't be the last.

Neighbors say a city trash can was the only thing that stopped the car from plowing underneath their house last night. They're not the only ones with concerns; those who live on both sides of the street say a traffic signal needs to be put in place.

When Mitch Clark and his family of eight moved into their Lamar Street home three years ago he figured the front porch would be a place to cook out, not be on the lookout for traffic accidents.

Mitch Clark said, "Had no idea that my entertainment Friday and Saturday nights would be watching people have wrecks, or try to avoid them."

But any sentiments of irony quickly make way for anger, frustration and fear.

"All of the above. I'm scared to let my kids play out here. One of those cars run out of control into the yard and my kids out here playing, we're going to have a fatality on our hands."

The signs and flashing light didn't stop a driver from failing to yield to Lamar Street traffic last night.

Jennie Singleton, a concerned neighbor, said, "People go too fast and are not paying attention."

Jennie Singleton lives one house down, and like her next door neighbor, her kids aren't allowed to play on their own out front.

"When my mother lived here several years ago they ran a red light and crashed right into her yard."

Police say that problems occur when drivers roll through the two-way signs on Grand Avenue. That's why neighbors want to take the problem to Tex-DOT, getting traffic lights installed like those on Houston Street before a near miss becomes a dead on hit.

"They did it on the intersection on the other one-way. It's not going to stop all vehicles but it definitely slowed those way down."

It's not only neighbors who are concerned; the transportation director for Sherman ISD says buses have a hard time navigating the intersection during rush hour. He's met with Tex-DOT engineers before. Nothing has changed yet.

But those we spoke with today say they will look at this intersection again to see if it qualifies for traffic lights.

Tex-DOT engineers look at things like traffic volume and the number of accidents before they can determine if an intersection needs a light.