More Improvements for Loy Lake Road

The city of Sherman is expanding their reconstruction of Loy Lake Road. The project has been in the works for the past three years.

The council approved the road's construction, a project that will cost in the neighborhood of $1.8 million.

Due to favorable bids on the project, the council decided to extend the construction from Taylor all the way to Highway 82 when it was originally supposed to stop at Lamberth.

Loy Lake will not be expanded width-wise; it will remain a two way street with a turn lane. But it will be repaved with concrete, not asphalt. Also, the new traffic lights will help keep cars moving.

Jeff Miller of Sherman Public Works said, ā€œNew generation traffic signal that uses a camera instead of loop in pavement camera is looking and monitoring traffic volume on that street.

The extension from Lamberth and to Highway 82 will cost an additional half-million dollars, but with as much traffic as this road sees, the council thought it was a worthwhile investment.

The construction is expected to begin sometime in July. The road's construction is expected to last six to nine months.