Supreme Court Could Rule on TX Redistricting

6-25-06 - WASHINGTON (AP) - Five months before fall elections, Texas could be forced to overhaul its ballot.

That's if the Supreme Court rejects state congressional districts redrawn in 2003 to elect more Republicans.

The high court is scheduled to wrap up its work before beginning the summer break and a decision in the Texas case could come as soon as Monday.

Challengers to the map include Democrats and minority groups. They've asked the court to declare the redrawn districts unconstitutional.

Some issues they've asked the court to decide are: Can a Legislature redraw districts in the middle of a decade for political purposes?

Did the Legislature violate minority voting rights when it tampered with districts considered "safe" for minority candidates?

Did the Legislature violate the one-man, one-vote requirement by using 2000 Census data when it redrew the districts?

Republicans say the new map better reflects the voting patterns of the state and deny minority voting rights were violated.