Ardmore Awarded Ag Research Station

6-26-06 - Ardmore's Noble Foundation has been chosen as the location for an agriculture research station. The $10 million site for Oklahoma State University promises to be like no other in the state.

But this center promises to be like no other. It's an idea leaders at the noble foundation and OSU have been tossing around since December.

Once lawmakers invested millions in the project, they had the initiative to make it happen.

In a few years, a 27,000 square foot ag experiment station will break ground on the campus of the noble foundation complete with a lab, greenhouse and telecommunication center.

It's a place where OSU professors and grad students can work in line with noble's goal of furthering livestock production and bio-fuel research.

With no station of its kind in the state, officials believe it will make Ardmore the hub of agricultural research for southern Oklahoma and north Texas.

"You can have a very substantial world class program from a state university recognized for its ag leadership on this campus in Ardmore contributing to education of students and advancement of science, you just don't find that everyday,” says Steve Rhines, Noble VP General Council.

Officials hope the center will be a way for grad students to earn their degree without traveling up the interstate.

Oklahoma lawmakers allotted OSU $10 million to build the facility. The money comes from the comprehensive university capital projects fund.