Montague Co. D.A. Pleads Guilty

7-07-06 - Less than four days after he was arrested for drunk driving in Marshall County, Montague County D.A. Tim Cole plead guilty to a related charge. He'll serve one year probation and 3 days of community service.

He plead guilty to a misdemeanor similar to drunk driving, after a Lake Texoma park ranger found him intoxicated, sitting in a pick-up on the night of July 4th.

Cole, 47, submitted to a breathalyzer around 11:45 that night that showed he had a blood-alcohol content of .15.

On Thursday, Marshall County Assistant District Attorney Paule' Haggerty filed a misdemeanor charge of Actual Physical Control of a Vehicle While Intoxicated. It's a similar charge to Driving Under the Influence and carries the same punishment - a $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail. Haggerty says the charge would be easier to prove, considering Cole was parked in the pick-up at the time the Ranger found him. According to a spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Tourism, a witness called the park office to report an erratic driver.

Tim Cole released this written statement on July 5th:

"the last year has been one of great personal hardship for me... but there is no excuse for this behavior. it is in violation of the public trust in my office."

Also in the written statement, Cole went on to write that he intends to establish a law practice and then submit his resignation to the District Attorney’s office. Cole was booked into the Marshall County jail and he bonded out Wednesday morning. He faces aggravated DUI charges.