Truck Thief Caught on Tape

7-7-06 - A thief stole a pickup from an oil well service company Thursday night in Healdton, but police believe he was spotted on a surveillance camera 18 miles away.

He came into the Kwik Check in Lone Grove about 3 a.m. to buy something to drink. The camera shows him leaving in a 1994 blue Chevy flatbed with license plate X17996 the same truck stolen from Sutherlands Oil Well Service in Healdton Thursday morning. On the way out of the gate, the suspect nailed the side of the office.

When caught he'll face burglary, larceny and property damage charges.

The same night, a $25,000 Triplex pump was stolen from a drilling company north of Healdton. Police aren't sure whether the two burglaries are related.