Gardening Texoma: Fire Retardant Landscapes

You can have a beautiful landscape and still help prevent wildfires from spreading. Jonathon and Lisanne dug up a few plants to help keep your home safe in the summer heat.

Gardening Tips:
1)Replace volatile plants such as juniper and yaupon hollies with more fire resistant species like hardwood trees. Oaks and Pecans and shrubs of red yucca, forsythia and cleyera work well. Antique roses, Texas Sage and Crepe Myrtles are also fire resistant.

2)Prune Tree limbs to 6' and remove all tree limbs within 10' of your chimney and roof

3)Irrigate the grass around your home if possible and keep grass and weeds mowed to 2 inches

4)Remove ladder fuels - this means anything that would carry fire up into the tree canopy or roof

5)Clean all dead leaves from the gutters and roof

6)Use fine gauge wire screen to cover vents in eaves, attics and under decks. Also skirt wooden decks with non-flammable siding or rock.