Sherman Approves Water Filter Overhaul

Sherman city officials are facing a multi-million dollar task of replacing water filtration systems that are long overdue. The change could mean a more efficient water treatment system.

By the end of Thursday alone, eight and a half million gallons of water will flow through Sherman's water treatment facilities and into homes, schools and office buildings, but the system needs new filters, something officials are hoping to achieve with next year's budget.

It's a complicated process that affects roughly half the residents in the City of Sherman.

Glen Melancon, a Sherman resident, said, "I drink from the sink."

Lindsay Taylor added, "No bottled water. If I drink, I drink from the sink. I'd rather use the water I have than buy it."

But after 13 years, Sherman's filtration process, a system called Electro Dialysis Reversal, or EDR, has pumped three years too many.

Mark Gibson, Sherman Utilities Director, said, "We're suffering a little bit of bleed-through."

While Sherman's current water quality rates are acceptable, officials who monitor the filtration process say there's always room for improvement.

"Basically, the upgrade will allow us to be more efficient in producing the same quality with less power and less cost."

This fall operators will start switching out the 96 old EDR units with new ones, a project that will cost $1.3 million a year for three years.

"It's a lot of money and a complicated task to switch out and put in new ones, but we can handle it."

It’s a good thing for those who drink from the sink. The money is already included in Sherman's city budget. City officials say they'd like to think that the increased efficiency will lead to savings for water customers’ bills, but with energy costs high, they won't know until the new system is in place.

The replacement will start this fall when water reserves are higher. City officials say their water customers shouldn't be able to notice a difference in pressure, and in the end won't notice a difference in the taste of the water either.